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State and Federal Crimes


Our office handles all types of crime at the State level. Even if the crime you have been charged with is not specifically listed on this site, there is a very good chance that both Mr. Shorstein and Mr. Lee have prosecuted and defended that crime.


We also handle cases that are prosecuted by the Statewide Prosecutors Office. These are cases that usually involve multiple co-defendants and/or multiple jurisdictions. These cases are usually felonies and are often very serious.


If you are charged with a Federal crime, the rules are much different then they are in State courts. Mr. Lee has been an active member of the Middle District of Florida for many years. Both Mr. Shorstein and Mr. Lee have defended Federal cases in the past.

Federal cases are always initiated by Grand Jury Indictment which is very good for the prosecutor in making the case against you. The Federal Prosecutors almost always have very solid cases. The discovery process in the federal system is different as are the sentencing guidelines.

The distinctions between Federal and State systems are too complicated to describe briefly. If you have questions about these types of crimes, please do not hesitate to call our office or send us an email.